Anne Lukes, Rene Knight & Jennifer Shimabukuro (backups)

Why choose us?

We realize that you have many choices during this exciting part of your life. As pre-natal and infant massage professionals, we understand what you and your baby are going through during this exciting time.
We offer the following:
  • Information and education to help you achieve the birth you desire.
  • Monday through Friday support (8am-6pm) for answering or discussing questions you may have about your OB/GYN pre-natal visits, childbirth education classes, or books you are reading.
  • 24 hour support during your "due month."
  • In addition to being present during your birth, we will write you a detailed story of your entire labor and birth along with birth record sheets.
Scope of Practice
A Doula does:
  • Support the decisions of the expectant family.
  • Offer constant encouragement.
  • Remind mom to drink and empty bladder.
  • Suggest appropriate positions.
  • Suggest appropriate comfort measures (massage, shower, hot/cold packs, birth ball, etc.).
  • Support the partner and/or labor coach.
  • Act in an appropriate and professional manner throughout the entire birth process.
A Doula Does Not:
  • Make decisions for the mom or partner.
  • Argue with hospital staff.
  • Perform clinical tasks (such as heart tone checks or vaginal exams)
  • Operate or touch medical equipment.
What does all this cost?
We offer packages you can customize to suit your needs.

All packages include:
  • 2 pre-natal appointments
  • 1 postpartum appointment
  • Attendance at your birth
  • Colic massage instruction
Package #1 - $550
  • Base package with the services listed above
Package #2 - $650
  • Full infant massage instruction
  • 40-minute massage for you
Package #3 - $900
  • Full infant massage instruction
  • 40-minute massage for you
  • 3 in-home visits with your choice of Massage
    Therapist or Lactation Consultant
A La Carte Services
  • 1-hour massages - $90
  • 1/2-hour infant massages - $50